Industrial processes generate waste streams and contaminants that can accumulate within the system, and negatively impact the efficiency of production facilities. From time to time plants are required to halt production and decontaminate their system.

Through close analysis of a plant’s waste stream and contaminants, CTI will design a chemical treatment to completely remove the contaminants while:

  • Reducing equipment down time
  • Removing treatment uncertainties
  • Reducing generated waste and waste disposal cost

Our goal is provide our clients with the ability to optimize their process at all times by increasing production and transportation capabilities of infield flow lines, process and storage equipment.


Chemical CIP facilitates maintenance of equipment between process runs without dismantling the system into its component parts.

CTI provide Chemical CIP services for a diverse range of applications:

  • Heat Transfer Systems [Plate & Frame, Spiral, Compabloc, Shell and Tubes, ACHE, etc.]
  • Process Equipment & Pipeline Loops
  • Process & Storage Tank (< 20m diameter)


External fouling of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) can significantly degrade its efficiency. In most cases the contaminants are: airborne dust, fuzz, and mineral deposits.

Periodic foam treatment of air-cooled heat exchangers can greatly enhance its cooling efficiency. CTI low-pressure foam treatment provides a safe and convenient option for external cleaning of air-cooled heat exchangers.

Download, ACHE External Foam Treatment Brochure PDF