CTI specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of specialty chemical solutions for a diverse range of industrial applications:

  • Emulsifiers & Demulsifiers
  • Degreaser & Cleaners
  • Well Treatment Solutions
  • Drag Reducing Agents
  • Scale, Oxide & Sulphide Remover

All of our products contain specially reacted surfactant blends that optimize their performance efficiencies.

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01. HYCARBOSOL SC-601® Degreaser/Cleaner
02. HYDROSOL SC-602® Degreaser/Cleaner
03. HYCARBOSOL SC-603® Asphaltene Dispersant
04. HYCARBOSOL SC-604® Paraffin Dispersant
05. HYCARBOSOL SC-605® Asphaltene Inhibitor
06. HYCARBOSOL SC-606® Paraffin Inhibitor
07. BREAK-UP SC-607® Defoamer/Anti-foaming Agent
08. WELL FOAM SC-608 Foaming Agent
09. ACHE-FOAM SC-609® (FOAMAXX 44) Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Treatment
10. ART 1000 SC-610® Scale Remover
11. SCALOX SC-611® Scale & Oxide Remover
12. FUZZ BUSTER SC-612® Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Treatment Solution
13. ACHE FOAM SC-614® Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Treatment Solution
14. BITUSOL SIGMA SC-615® Heavy Hydrocarbon Solubilizer
15. CaBaSUL SC-620® Sulphate Scale Solubilizer